Dr Emmanuel
Dr Emmanuel
Orthopaedic Surgeon

Workers Compensation Injury

Dr. Emmanuel and his staff of trained medical professionals at Orthopedic & Spine take pride in their expertise with treating work-related injuries and workers compensation claims. We are here to listen and take care of all the special challenges presented by an industrial injury or illness. Our goal is to keep a close relationship with the patient, the employer, and the insurance carrier. We work together to develop appropriate work restrictions and light duty assignments.

Workers Compensation

At Orthopedic & Spine Institute of Los Angeles, we know that an early diagnosis and treatment are the keys to returning an injured worker back to the job as soon as possible. Hazards from professions such as mining, construction, logging, commercial fishing and work in the oil industry to the long-term impact of repetitive procedures in factories, offices and machinery, industrial injury are fairly common. Repetitive strain is the most common type of industrial injury. Computer users and assembly line workers are at risk for this sort of injury. Many individuals will require treatment for problems such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or other joint limitations due to their jobs. Our goal is to reduce both medical costs and time lost from work.

Our offices are open six days a week to treat new or pre-existing, even same day, industrial injuries of any orthopedic nature, whether it is of the spine, knee or shoulder. We accept all insurances.

Dr. Emmanuel and his staff are trained and are aware of all the workers compensation rules and regulations of California. We provide excellent medical care to the injured worker, and we keep the employers and insurance carriers up to date with the patient’s treatment plan, progress and status. Insurance adjusters receive progress reports the same day patient has been seen in the office. They kept up-to-date with patients’ treatment, work status, and work restrictions.

For your additional convenience and comfort, our comprehensive clinic provides an array of services all under one roof.

Services include:

  • Same Day Appointments
  • Same Day Status Reports
  • X-Ray on site to determine e.g. fractures
  • Diagnostic Ultrasounds –to determine depth of certain injuries
  • Ultrasound guidance for injections
  • Fracture care & Cast work
  • Pain management
  • On site Pharmacy – we dispense medications so the patient doesn’t have to wait or go to another pharmacy
  • Bilingual doctors and staff
  • QME and AME Evaluations
  • Medical/Legal Consultations
  • Second Opinion Consultations
  • A dedicated medical assistant who will talk to adjusters regarding patients’ status and claim
  • Timely written reports that meets all legal requirements
  • Fees in compliance with California Official Medical Fee Schedule

Additionally, Dr. Emmanuel and his staff have all received special training in treating industrial injuries. Dr. Emmanuel has also gone through extensive training and has received certification to write workers compensation reports that are up to date with all the new rules and regulations and are up to date with the ACOEM guidelines. Dr. Emmanuel’s reports meet all accepted legal standards.

If you have a new or pre-existing injury, are an insurance adjustor or would like to refer a patient to our clinic, we are here for you.

Contact Orthopedic & Spine Institute of Los Angeles to set up an appointment with Dr. Emmanuel. Be ready with your claim number, if you have one, and we can transfer your care right to our office. We handle the paperwork and the phone calls. We will take care of everything so you can focus on healing.

  • North American Spine Society
  • California Medical Association
  • Spine Arthroplasty Society
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